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    *Most important tip:  Turn on your iPad camera!*   

    Virtual learning was a new experience for all of us last spring.  After teaching remotely for three months, Mrs. Gimbel has some tips to help you be the best virtual learner that you can be.

    Preparing your workspace

    • Find a place
      • Make sure you can work in this place without distractions
      • Make sure you are comfortable in this space
      • Make sure this place is not your bed
    • Organize your workspace
      • Make sure this space has everything you need for all of your classes
    • Tidy your workspace after classes each day   
      • Make sure that you are ready for the next day:  sharpen pencils, refill paper, clean up area, etc.
      • Make sure that your iPad and keyboard are charged every day; plug them in overnight 

    Preparing yourself

    • Wash/clean up
    • Get dressed
    • Brush your teeth and hair
    • Eat breakfast
    • Turn on your iPad camera
    • Turn on your iPad camera
    • Turn on your iPad camera