Health and Safety Plan (Reopening of Schools)

  • In June of 2020, the District received “preliminary guidance” from the PA Department of Education (PDE) that mandated the formation of a Pandemic Team. Great Valley formed that team and team members used a template that was provided by PDE in its planning. 

    Health and Safty Plan for the Reopening of Schools
    Great Valley's Preliminary Health and Safety Plan (the plan for the reopening of schools) was presented at the July 20, 2020, School Board Meeting. An additional meeting was held on August 3, 2020, where the final plan was presented and adopted by the School Board. Since that time, the Health and Safety Plan has been revised as needed to reflect the most current medical guidance. The mot recent update to the plan was presented at he July 2021 School Board meeting. Please see the links below. 


Health and Safety Plan for the Reopening of Schools: Presentations and Documents