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  • Board Report, June 8, 2020

    Board Report, June 8, 2020

    Submitted by Samantha Jouin, School Board Representative to the Council for Diversity and Inclusion, at the June 8, 2020, School Board Meeting

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  • June 2020 Letter to Community

    June 2020 Letter to Community

    As we started this school year, I would not have imagined the challenges we would face as a community. As the new week begins, I felt it important to reach out to address the events of the weekend and to acknowledge the impact they are having on many children, as well as adults, in our community. The anger, fear, and racial divide resulting from the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd has triggered responses in our surrounding communities that can cause fear, anxiety, or even anger. We recognize how painful this tragedy is for many in our community and how difficult it might be for our students – and even our families and staff - to process these events. While conversations about race may be difficult to have, we, as a school district, remain committed to honoring diversity as a strength and an asset. We stand strong in our belief that every individual has equal human value, and it is essential to create secure and safe environments where conflicts can be resolved peacefully. The conversations may be difficult, but we believe they are essential.

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