summer reading

    Last year, Great Valley School District simplified the summer reading program! Due to the popularity and success of the JUST READ program...we are bringing it back again this year! This new program is designed to better meet the needs of our students and foster a love of reading.  We are no longer  requiring any written component/activity. Instead we ask that the students JUST READ.  This simplified summer reading program will give students the opportunity to choose whatever they want to read and allow them to have fun with their summer reading.

    Summer Reading Expectations:
    *We do expect students to read throughout the summer. Research tells us that students should read at least 6 books over the summer to maintain their academic strength, so our expectation is that students will read at least 6 books this summer (with most reading far more).   

    Click below to see summer reading resources organized by grade level.

        For students entering Grades K and 1 For students entering Grades 2 and 3 For students entering Grades 4 and 5              

    Capture the FUN!  *If you get a chance, take a picture of your child reading over the summer and have your child bring it to library class. We will display these pictures for all to enjoy!