• Composer of the Week:  Alexander Arutiunian 



    arut Alexander Arutiunian (Ah-roo-toon-ee-en) was an Armenian composer who was born in 1920.  He was a citizen of the Soviet Union, and was praised by the Communist government for his work.  He won many awards including the Stalin Prize (1949) and the People’s Artist of the USSR (1970).  His most famous piece is a Trumpet concerto written in 1950.  

    Arutiunian’s father was a member of the military.  Alexander started studying piano at a music conservatory when he was just 14 years old.  He wrote piano pieces, wind pieces and orchestra pieces.  He got married in 1950 and had two children.  He wrote pieces for over 70 years (1941 to 2004) and even acted in some Soviet movies.  

    Arutiunian is one of the most important Armenian composers.  He is usually considered second only to Aram Khatchaturian (who wrote “Sabre Dance”).   Khatchaturian himself thought Alexander was a very talented upcoming composer.   Aruitunian’s music is known for it’s energy and drive as well as beautiful slower sections.  Mr. Walter has performed two of his Trumpet pieces in recitals.  

    Arutiunian lived until 2012, dying of natural causes at the age of 91. 


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