• Evolution of Library Graphic

    Evolution of GVHS Library

    GVHS Library continues to evolve, in order to remain responsive to our student's needs. Enjoy exploring some of the evolution GVHS Library has experienced since 2016.

  • Evolution of the Fiction Lounge

    The Fiction area of the library has undergone extensive updating. Books were rearranged, shifted, and reorganized to allow for the removal of 5 standing bookcases. This allows for more usable floor space for student collaboration. 

    fiction before and after

    fiction before and after

     fiction picture  fiction pictures

    fiction picture


    Genre-fication of the Fiction Section

    The reorganization of the fiction books included a genre-fication process. This means the books are now ordered by common genres, making the browsing experience more enjoyable and successful. Think of it as similar to the way a bookstore organizes its books. Book circulation has increased exponentially since we genre-fied. In the first three semesters of the 19-20 school year book circulation was up about 300% from the previous year.

    genrefy pic  

  • Window Lounge Area Evolution

    Thanks to the class of 2017 for donating the funds that purchased our new Window Area Lounge furniture! Thanks to the class of 2017, we were able to add more comfortable and collaborative seating to the library. The lounge area even seats a full class of 30, allowing the space to be booked and used by classes and clubs. When not booked, the space provides a comfortable and collaborative work and rest space for students during their campus and study hall periods.

     window area before and after  window before and after   window before and after  window pic  window pic  window pic  window pic

  • Library Lab

    GVHS Library offers a flexible collaborative learning classroom that is available for booking by any student, student group, teacher, or department for a variety of needs. When GVHS went to 1:1, providing every student with an ipad, GVHS Library knew our physical desktop computer lab would no longer be the best way to serve our students. During the summer of 2019, we decomissioned the outdated computer lab and began transitioning the space into a multi-use learning lab. This room is available to the entire GVHS community, to meet their various collaborative learning needs.

    The Lab is being transitioned with flexibility and multi-use functionality as a priority. With additions like comfortable seating, flexible collaborative hubs, a new display screen, and a green screen wall, the new Library Lab is responsive to a wide variety of learning needs.

    Computer Lab before evolution

    Library Lab Before  lab after

    Library Lab after evolution

    After Lab  orientation  Reading   Students Collaborating  book buffet  

  • Evolution of the Non-Fiction Area

    During the fall of 2019 GVHS Library continued to evolve by updating the nonfiction area. Our robust online reference and research database collections have allowed us to downsize and update our physical nonfiction book collection. These changes allowed for the reorganization of books in such a way that 5 standing bookcases could be removed, providing additional useable space for our students. This also allows for an easier and more enjoyable browsing experience for students. Nonfiction books have also been reorganized into common topic collections so as to better meet student's browsing needs.



    nonfiction picture   nonfiction picture  nonfiction picture  Nonfiction picture

  • Makerspace Graphic

    GVHS Library's Makerspace

    STEAM Makerspace Stations

    In Fall 2019 we were fortunate to recieve a Venture Grant from the Foundation at GV to fund the startup of our low- and no-tech STEAM Makerspace stations.

    When one of the library's needs assessment surveys returned results indicating that GVHS students had a keen desire for more opportunities for low- and no-tech, hands-on activities, especially those promoting social-connectivity and creativity, I was able to partner with the Foundation at GV to bring those activities to GVHS Library in the form of various STEAM creation stations.

    At GVHS Library we believe strongly in providing an enriching and dynamic environment, regardless of a student's needs, interests or pleasures. By offering a robust variety of experiences and activities, we aim to inspire our students to create, connect, collaborate, and decompress as needed throughout the day. We encourage participation in our Break Break and Makerspace activities so that students can unplug and recharge, express themselves, connect with each other face-to-face, and learn new skills.