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    GVHS Library's Makerspace

    STEAM Makerspace Stations

    In Fall 2019 we were fortunate to recieve a Venture Grant from the Foundation at GV to fund the startup of our low- and no-tech STEAM Makerspace stations.

    When one of the library's needs assessment surveys returned results indicating that GVHS students had a keen desire for more opportunities for low- and no-tech, hands-on activities, especially those promoting social-connectivity and creativity, I was able to partner with the Foundation at GV to bring those activities to GVHS Library in the form of various STEAM creation stations.

    At GVHS Library we believe strongly in providing an enriching and dynamic environment, regardless of a student's needs, interests or pleasures. By offering a robust variety of experiences and activities, we aim to inspire our students to create, connect, collaborate, and decompress as needed throughout the day. We encourage participation in our Break Break and Makerspace activities so that students can unplug and recharge, express themselves, connect with each other face-to-face, and learn new skills.


  • Makerspace Items Include:

    Drawing Books Bracelet Making 3D Puzzles Buddha Boards LEGO Origami Crochet and Knitting and Embroidery Keva Planks Duct Tape Art Rainbow Loom Gimp Bracelet Stick Together Mosaics