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    GVHS Library Expectations

    GVHS Library exists to serve the academic, personal, professional, and social needs of the GVHS students. We prefer when the library is busy, and well used by the students. We will take every action possible to ensure students have access to the library and its resources.

    Accessing GVHS Library

    GVHS Library is available to students:

    • During Homeroom AFTER they have physically checked in with their HR teacher & gotten permission
    • Before School (usually by 7.20am)
    • During Campus Periods
    • During Study Hall (must go to scheduled study hall room and request a pass first)
    • During Lunch periods (must eat in the lunch room & get a pass first)
    • During field trips or assemblies the student is not attending
    • During whole class visits for book browsing and instruction
    • After School (until at least 3:15pm)

    The GVHS Library is also available to students who need:

    • 1:1 research or other help from the librarian
    • a meeting space for their clubs or activites
    • a place to take makeup tests

    In order to align with our student's academic needs, GVHS Library is not available to students:

    • If their schedule indicates they should be in a for-credit class
      • Students may only be in the library during a for-credit class if they have prior approval from their classroom teacher and Miss Bogan
    • If they are scheduled at that time to be in Guided Study or Academic Support

    Please note there may be times during the year when the library is briefly closed to all students for special events. Because we are committed to providing as much access as possible to the GVHS student body, these closings are kept extremely infrequently.

  • Behavior expectations

    • Everyone in the library is expected to respect each other and the physical space.
    • GVHS Library is not generally a "silent" library.
    • Rather it is a dynamic and flexible resource space which strives to meet a diverse and ever-changing range of needs & functions.
    • In light of this, it is imperative that all library users respect each other and the space itself. We will work together, as a library community, to ensure that the library is hospitable and functional for your needs.
      • If you find the library space to be inhospitable, or not use-able, please let Miss Bogan know asap so that we may work together to find a solution.
      • GVHS Library will remain flexible and responsive to student's needs.
    • Library users will avoid behavior that is disruptive or destructive, as decided by the library media specialist, in conjunction with the library user community.
    • GVHS Library is committed to creating and providing a community space which is accessible, comfortable, useful, and safe for all students.