• app based

    Citing an e-book (read on software/app)

    Citing an ebook that you're reading in software/apps (like Sora, Overdrive, Scribe, Tales2Go, etc) is simple. It is very similar to how you cite a physical book, except instead of choosing "print or in-hand" you choose "file, app, ebook."

    1. Click Sources
    2. Click New Source
    3. Click "file, app, ebook"
    4. Click "ebook"


     First type the name of the app/software into the "ebook file" box

    1. Then search for the book using the ISBN field just like you would if it were a physical book you were citing (see instructions for this below)


    Search for book by ISBN or Author/Title

    1. Click the dropdown next to ISBN 
    2. Switch it to say "title."
    3. Type your title into the white box next to "title"
    4. Click "search"


    1. Look at the results and find a match
    2. Make sure the author AND title match!
    3. Click the match to highlight it blue
    4. Click "import selected source"
    5. If there are no matches, you can try adding the author's name to the search and clicking "search again"


    1. Click continue
    2. Click Save
    3. You are now finished citing this ebook into noodletools