2022-2023 GVHS Marching Patriots -- Student Leadership

    It is with great excitement that the GVHS Marching Band Staff announces the student leadership invitations for the 2022-2023 school year. The development of leadership is one of the major goals of the instrumental music program. Leadership, both assigned and unassigned, is very important to the instrumental music program because it unites the music family as a whole. In fact, leadership begins with your reaction to this announcement – for all members, leaders or not. By displaying solid examples of team approach, hard work, positive attitude, and an enjoyment of music, ALL members of the GVHS Marching Band make the entire program better, stronger, and more enjoyable.
    Not everyone who auditioned was selected for what they were hoping for, but this does not mean that everyone cannot be a leader that contributes to the great whole. There were many outstanding candidates, and everyone who auditioned can still make significant contributions to the Great Valley Marching Band. It is also important that all members are supportive of leadership. We cannot improve if we are tearing others down. The only way up is to trust that everyone else is just as committed to the team as everyone else.
    Please know that regardless of the high school or music program, assigning Student Leadership positions is never an easy decision for a marching band director and staff. If you did not receive a position, it is NOT an attack on your character or a reflection of who you are as a person. We have taken a painstaking amount of time to deliberate and decide on what is best for the band [and for each of you as individuals], and also have devoted much time and effort to display our care and passion for ensuring success within our Marching Patriots program. We do hope that you can acknowledge our dedication to our students and trust our decisions.
    The leadership team members for next school year are strong, engaged, and excited. They have shown themselves to be great musicians, great students, and great people. The possibilities for the instrumental music program are great because of these young leaders. Congratulations to them!
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    2022-2023 Great Valley High School Marching Patriots
    Student Leadership

    Drum Majors

    Sophia Nikas

    David Ruccius

    Wind Captains

    Ted Calnek - Brass

    Julie Huffman - Woodwinds

    Battery Captain

    Aditya Bhosale

    Front Ensemble Captain

    Varunavi Raghuraman

    Color Guard Captains

    Suhani Srivastava

    Justin Titus