• 8th Grade ELA - Source Evaluation

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    Where did you find this source?

    ☐Found in a Library Database (see this short video tutorial)

    ☐Found on the “free web” (see this short video tutorial)

    To evaluate your source, you need to find out if it is known to have a good reputation. You also want to try to identify any major biases the source is known to have.
    Evaluating a “free web” source: (see short video tutorial or just read this paragraph)

    You will do this by “reading laterally.” Lateral reading is simply when you go to a different source to see what they say about your source.  This is important because you don’t ever want to trust your source to be telling you the truth about its own reliability, so you need to check with another source.

    These two websites are great to use for “lateral reading” because they will have info about your sources reputation and biases.

    • mediabiasfactcheck.com – This short video will teach you how to use mediabiasfactcheck for lateral reading
    • wikipedia.com – this short video will teach you how to use Wikipedia for lateral reading

    Choose either website and use it to evaluate your source.