• How to write an annotation

    Printable - Annotated Bib Graphic Organizer

    ***You can view a video tutorial on youtube.

    What is an annotated bibliography?

    An annotated bibliography (or works cited) is essentially a beefed up works cited page. Your annotated bibliography must include the following information for each source you use for research.

    • Citation
    • Brief summary
      • 1-3 sentences summarizing the content of the source.
      • Include main points and add detail to dig deeper into the source.
    • Evaluation
      • 1-3 sentences evaluating the information and author of the source.
        • is the author a respected authority on the subject?
        • Is the source reliable and trustworthy on this subject?
        • How did you determine that the source is reliable/trustworthy?
        • Is there a bias in the author's point of view & does the bias render the information non-usable? Why/Why not?
        • Does this information corroborate with information from other sources?
    • Reflection
      • 1-3 sentences reflecting on the usefullness of this source.
      • Who was this source written for? Who is intended audience? (general public students, experts, legislatures, etc?
      • Which assignment criteria or project goal did this source satisfy for you?
      • Did you learn something new about your topic, did it confirm or disagree with information you already had, etc?

    Example of annotated citation

    Guillermo, Kathy. "Zika Response should Not Include Animal Experiments." People 
         for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 28 Jul 2016,SIRS Issues Researcher

    This article discusses the morality and scientific veracity of animal experimentation, specifically in reference to the recent Zika Virus outbreak. Guillermo's main point here is that "studies should add to the body of knowledge of medical treatments for humans" and that "studies on animals won't do this."  Citing a recent NIH strategic plan, Guillermo offers further research which concludes that data from other animals does not apply to human beings. Kathy Guillermo is the senior vice president of laboratory investigations at PETA. PETA is an american animal rights organization and nonprofit corporation. Because PETA has a clear stake in this argument, and clear bias against harm towards animals, I will look for corroborating research before using this source for the project. I will use this source in my project to demonstrate opposition towards animal experimentation.


    Example #2

    This source provides a comprehensive timeline of events relating to the topic of racism in America, from the 1600s through to present day. The timeline was compiled by the editors of the database Sirs Issues Researcher, a reputable research database purchased by GVHS Library. This source was especially useful to my research because it provides information both on events relating to racism from the 1930s, and events relating to racism happening in recent and current times.