• Exercise

    Home Exercise Program 


    • Standing on one leg trying to count to 30 seconds
    • Place several block towers in front of you and try to tap the top without knocking them over (play eenie-meenie-miney-mo)
    • Place a line of tape down on the floor trying to walk forwards, backwards, sideways without stepping off the line
    • Place objects down on the floor in a row such as a line of serving spoons working to step over them
    • Stand on an old pillow (with adult approval and supervision) trying to count to 30
    • Maintain different positions while singing a song, watching a short video, or playing a game
      • Tall kneel
      • Half kneel
      • Standing with one foot on the solid ground and one foot on a step stool or stack of books (make sure it is sturdy

    Heavy Work

    • Animal Walks around the house
    • Push a heavy box, laundry basket or object, chair around the room
    • Lift and carry a stack of books around the room
    • Wall Push ups