• Sensory Regulation/Core Strength

    To keep and organized body and mind, exercise, self care, and development/focus on foundational needs are all necessary.  Please visit the mindfulness section as well to incorporate these strategies into your child's daily routine. 

    Sworkit is an app with a free subscription.  Middle schoolers may recognize this as it is used as part of the fitness curriculum as well as our motor warm up in OT!

    Students pick a few of the exercises, for example: windmill,  steam engine and quadraplex, the app demonstrates the exercises and has a count down.  It can be downloaded on a phone for easy core workouts anywhere!



    The following is a YouTube Channel with basic exercises to be used as visual models to help support child engagement. 


    Warm Up Activity- PACE

    Cross Crawl: https://youtu.be/X61VNk-iv6o