• Sensory Motor 

    • Pull laundry out of the washer and/or dryer
    • Rake leaves
    • Help cook in the kitchen - stir thick batter, knead pizza dough, use rolling pin
    • Squeeze or stretch play dough, silly putty or therapy putty (can hide small objects in dough or putty and have child find)
    • Dig in a garden
    • Help water flowers using a watering can
    • Use a hole punch to make confetti out of paper
    • Play on a swing set: climb up a slide, Hang from the monkey bars
    • Have a pillow fight
    • Jump or crash into a bed mattress, large beanbag pillows or couch cushions
    • Get sandwiched between couch cushions (make a “child’s name” sandwich)
    • Roll exercise ball from head to feet while child is on their tummy
    • Log roll on floor from one end of room to the other
    • Play hopscotch
    • Ride bike or scooter
    • Ride a scooter board on tummy and use hands/feet to propel forward
    • Push peer or adult on a swing
    • Pull a wagon filled with objects or with a person riding in it
    • Crab walk, bear walk and/or army crawl
    • Blow bubbles, kazoo, harmonica, whistle, pinwheel or similar items
    • Balance beanbags on shoulders or head and walk across the room
    • Teach the use of wall push-ups or the idea of "the room feels small this morning, can you help me push the walls out”
    • Shaving cream (can practice writing letters or numbers, drawing, etc.)
    • Jump on a trampoline or jumping jacks
    • Play Simon Says
    • Make an obstacle course

    * Please be safe and practice safe screen time. Remember the 20-20-20 rule.  After 20 min of screen time, take a break, get up and stretch, look away from your screen for at least 20 seconds and focus on something 20 feet away.

    * Get plenty of exercise and fresh air.  Even if it is a brisk 10 minute walk it is great for your brain.

    * Also, drink water while working. Water is very alerting to the brain and is needed to form new synapses (the pathways that help you remember). If you need a visual break, print material out and do it pencil and paper, if you have a printer you can scan it back in or take a picture with your ipad and upload it to turn it in.  Contact your OT and/or your teacher if paper and pencil is your preference and we will work with you to help you work through that process wherever possible. :)

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