Physical Education Guidelines

    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    I hope you had a great summer!  I am  looking forward to an exciting year of Health and Physical Education at K. D. Markley and Sugartown Elementary School.  I would like to introduce you to our program and invite you to attend annual events, such as the Turkey Trot and Field Day.  Our Health and P.E. program is designed to be an integral part of their total educational experience.  Through our curriculum, we encourage every boy and girl to develop skills for lifetime fitness, knowledge of good health habits, and an appreciation for individual as well as group activities.


    In order to successfully implement this comprehensive program, we ask that you and your child follow these guidelines.  They have been developed to provide maximum participation and safety for your child.




    Participation:  All children in grades kindergarten through fifth grade will receive two classes per cycle.  Classroom teachers will provide you with a schedule of your child’s special classes.  In order to participate, students must dress appropriately on Physical Education days.


    1. General Dress:  In order to participate, students must have proper attire which includes sneakers that are fastened with laces or velcro covering the entire foot.  No sling backs or platform sneakers for safety reasons. Comfortable clothing includes shorts, skorts, or pants for girls – no dresses or skirts.  Pants or shorts need to fit comfortably so that students do not have to hold them up while they move about. Students should bring a water bottle and an extra mask to class.  Please, no jewelry on gym days.  Warm clothing will be necessary as the year progresses, since we typically go outside through November.

    1. Doctor’s Notes:  Your doctor must write a note to the school nurse if serious illness or injury limits participation.  The note should indicate the limitations and length of disability or illness.  If your child is excused on a short-term basis, please write a note with the pertinent information.   


      I am looking forward to an exciting school year.

      Thank you for your cooperation.                                                              



     Annmarie Lorine                                                                                                     

     E-Mail: alorine@gvsd.org   

     K. D. M's Phone: 610 889 - 1620 ext. 4116 ( KDM on Day 1, 2, 5, 6)     Sugartown Phone : 610 699 - 1555 ext. 421 (Day 3, 4)