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      When you click the "export/print" button in noodletools and select "export to word" you will notice that nothing happens. That is becuase the ipads have a popup blocker installed which prevents the export from occurring. You can easily overcome this by doing the following steps:

      1. Go to "Settings" in ipad
      2. Click "Safari" on the left side of the settings 
      3. Look on the center of the page for the option for "popup blocker" and click the green toggle to turn that off
      4. Go back to noodletools and select "export/print" 
      5. Select "export to word"
      6. It will open in a browser tab
      7. You can move it to Word by clicking the grey "share square" icon in the top right side of your screen (its a box with an arrow pointing out of it)
      8. Click the option that says "open in Word."
      9. See Miss Bogan if you have any issues!!