Co-Curricular Classes
  • "Creativity is contagious.  Pass it on."

                                           ~Albert Einstein


    The STEAM program is an integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math skills.  Students learn how to plan, build, and redesign structures through engineering.  Children are also introduced to concepts in coding  and applying those skills to work with robots.  Problem-sovling, collaboration, and resiliency are developed throughout the program as students complete activities that encourage curiosity, questioning, thinking, and connections with the concepts of STEAM while applying them to the world around them.


    Students learn the fundamental principles of music and movement through an introduction to the concepts oe expression, composition, medium, and performance.  Children experience music by singing, playing, moving, and improvising while learning to follow and respond to appropriate musical directions.  SElections focus on the integration of historical, cultural, and social contexts.

    Physical Education

    Through the physical education program, kindergarten students develop knowledge of attitudes and behaviors that support the development of healthy lifestyles.  Student explore safe movement through various activities that utilize a wide range of gross motor skills.  Students will learn to play organized games to support the udnerstanding of rules, boundaries, respect for self and peers, taking turns, and sharing.  Over the course of the year, all students are encouraged to develop lifetime skills in fitness, health habits, and an appreciation for individual as well as group activities.


    The kindergarten art experience introduces students to fundamental concepts in visual arts.  STudents learn vocabulary that is intrinsic to the production and discussion of art.  The use of a variety of media, techniques, tools, and processes are used to support the development of an understanding of the elements of art.  Children will understand how artists review and revise their work to enhance the expression and meaning of their piece of work while gathering inspiration from other artists.


    The goal of the kindergarten library program is to develop information literate students.  The focus is to teach student to navigate through virtual and physical libraries to access information.  The curriculum is aligned with state literacy standards and supports the development of students as young readers and responsible, digital citizens.