• Thank you for your interest in the use of heart rate monitors in our physical education program. This page will give help you understand the importance of the monitors and how we will use them during class for feedback and grading. 


    What are they?

    Heart rate monitors (HRMs) have been around for several years. They are a device worn on the body that measures either blood flow or pulse rate to determine the heart rate of an individual. The devices we use are called Adidas Zones and are made by a company called IHT. You can view the device by visting this website.


    Why do you use them in class?

    We use them in class to provide immediate and specific feedback to our students. To often there is a delay between performance and feedback and this device greatly decreases that delay. Further, we also use HRM's to provide objective grading measures so there is little to no confusion as to how a student earned a particular grade.


    Can my child use his own HRM?

    The student may use is own IN ADDITION to using our HRM. We use specific software aligned with the devices that allows us to monitor and give feedback for performance. 


    Can we opt out of this program?

    Parents may choose to withdraw their child from using the device. However, alternate means of grading may need to be discussed. Please see the letter below for opt-out instructions.



  • Dear Great Valley Family, 

    I would like to take a moment to tell you about a very exciting addition to our Physical Education program. Within the next several days, we will be begin using heart rate monitoring devices and software that that will enhance the learning experience of our students by providing immediate feedback on student performance.  


    Our goal in introducing the heart rate monitor to your student is to help him/her become more aware of the body's performance during physical activity. We believe that awareness will lead to a deeper understanding of how heart rate can be used as a metric for effective exercise. We also believe that this integration of technology and fitness will trigger a deeper interest in personal wellness among our students.  


    As a team, we have spent a great deal of time researching available heart rate monitors for our useWe have carefully examined the features of each device and, more importantly, how manufacturers/distributors handle and store the personal information each device collects. The safety and security of your child's personal information was a primary consideration. The product we’ve chosen is the IHT  “Adidas Zone." This one-function, wrist-worn heart rate monitor is easy to use and integrates with software that will help your child set goals and understand his/her performance. Further, it is governed by a strict privacy policy and features no social media component. Basically, while data will be stored on the company's server, the Great Valley School District maintains ownership of that data. Therefore, it will never be sold or used in any way by an outside company. In fact, the only data that will be used to register the device is your child’s date of birth and his/her Great Valley email address.  


    If you are uncomfortable with your child participating in this program and wish for him/her to NOT PARTICIPATE, you may use the form included with this email to opt out. Doing so would mean your student would not be assigned a device, nor would he/she use one during instructional time. If you do not want your child to participate in this program, please complete the opt-out form and return it to me by February 1st, 2020 


    If you would like to view the device or the website of the manufacturer, please visit IHTUSA.com for more information. If you have any questions about the device or our goals for integrating this educational resource, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at dkasper@gvsd.org or by phone at 610.889.1900 ext 21928.  


    Thank you for your support of your child’s academic growth.  




    Dustin Kasper 

    Health and Physical Education Department Chair 






    Heart Rate Monitor Opt-Out Form 


    Student Name__________________ 


    By signing and returning this form, my child does not have permission to participate in the heart rate monitor component of the Health and Physical Education program.  

    Parent Signature___________________ Date________