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    Monday (Writing Class)

    • Cut out all of the word cards and categories (headers)

    • Write your initials on the back of each card

    • If time permits, you may practice sorting your words by the word pattern with a person in your WTW group!


    Tuesday (Core Extension)

    Closed Sort and Writing Sort completed on your own 

        • A Closed Sort is when you first sort all of the words into the headers known as the categories. Place the header cards at the top and then sort the remaining cards by their pattern. 

            ** In Microsoft Word, create a “Table” and type each of your words into the correct column under the “Header” (category). 



    Wednesday (Core Extension)

    Blind Buddy Sort with a partner using your words (please take turns) 

      • A Buddy Sort is when you and a partner (Who is also in your WTW group) “quiz” each other on their own sorts. Your partner lays out the categories and then reads each spelling word out loud.  You will tell them which category or header to put the spelling word into (sorting all your words). 

      • HOMEWORK:  Sort your words on your own at home, take a picture of your sort with your Camera App on your iPad. 


    Thursday (Core Extension)

             Word Hunt

      • Using your iPad where you recorded your spelling word list, grouped into categories - you are going on a “Hunt” to find other words that follow the same pattern.  Add on 2-3 “Challenge” words to each category!


    Friday (Assessment)

    • Each Friday you complete a Spelling Post-test to assess your understanding of word families and word pattern. You must know how to spell your word correctly and which pattern (or category) it goes under. 

    • Challenge Words: You must come up with one additional word for each category that is spelled correctly and out into the correct category.

    • Write your name and date at the top of the paper and hand it into the teacher to be checked 


    Word Sort Schedule