Skylert (formerly SchoolMessenger)

  • The Great Valley School District uses the Skylert (formerly SchoolMessenger) system to notify parents about news, upcoming events, emergencies, and school closings. This system allows parents to be notified via phone call, email, and/or text. Notifications are sent from the individual school for school-related news, or from District Office for district-wide events. 

    Our notification system allows parents to check and modify their contact information (phone and email), and to set preferences for how they would like to be contacted according to the type of notification. When messages are sent from the school or the district, they are categorized in the following ways:



    Used to communicate only emergencies (i.e. evacuations, fire, bomb threats, etc.)


    Used for communications about students’ attendance

    Information Sharing

    Used for general announcements (i.e. meetings, test scores, curriculum information, etc.)

    Lunch Account Balance

    Used to communicate a low lunch account balance

    Schedule Changes

    Used to communicate late openings, closings, and early dismissals related to snow or other factors; also used to communicate time changes related to meetings or special events.

    Parents may customize how they receive each type of notification. For example, a receiver may opt to get texts and no phone calls, or emails and phone calls, etc. Customization is available for each type of notification. 

    Skylert Parent Instructions - Please use these instructions to update contact information and preferences.

    Instrucciones para padres de Skylert - Utilice estas instrucciones para actualizar la información de contacto y las preferencias.