• Unit One: Crafting True Stories


    Third Grade Writer’s Workshop

    Welcome to Writer’s Workshop! We are excited to share with you about what our first unit, Crafting True Stories, will look and sound like. This first unit lays a foundation for our writing journey that will put us on a course for a successful year of writing. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be busy writing personal narratives, stories about us!


    Unit Goals:

    * Writers will establish writing routines

    * Writers will generate ideas for writing personal narratives

    * Writers will craft seed stories-bringing to life small moments from their lives

    A Few Skills and Strategies Taught:

    * Thoughtful writers generate ideas for writing by thinking of important people, places, and objects in their own lives

    * Thoughtful writers organize narratives by telling what happened in a sequence through unfolding events

    * Thoughtful writers craft leads and develop endings by studying the work of authors and then applying their techniques


    Supporting your Writer at Home:

    * Help your child select a cozy writing spot at home

    * Share memories

    * Read together and notice interesting techniques of writers