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Study Skills




    Study Skills

    Business/Technology Elective


    Grade Level:  9th, 10th, 11th and 12th

    Length of Course:  Semester

    Periods Per Cycle:  3 periods/cycle

    Credit:  .25 credit

    Duration of Session:  47 Minutes     

    District Phone Ext:  2125

    Teacher:  Mr. Balderson

    Email Address: kbalderson@gvsd.org





    This course equips students with the learning and study skills required in today’s academic and workplace environments.  With a focus on learning how to learn, critical thinking, reading comprehension, and managing information, this course prepares students to make successful learning an ongoing part of their academic and career development.  Because there is no one best way to learn, this course provides students with a host of learning strategies from which to choose.  If you can learn to use it for school, you can learn to use it in life and work.





    • Learn how to learn
    • Manage time and tasks
    • Building reading speed and comprehension
    • Effective listening for note taking
    • Improving memory and concentration
    • Successful test taking
    • Reading and researching online
    • Thinking critically and creatively
    • Gathering information and writing effectively







    SUCCESS SKILLS, Strategies for Study and Lifelong Learning, Abby Marks Beale, South_ Western Cengage Learning


    Self-checks and progress charts


    Links to helpful web sites



    All resources will be kept in the classroom and available to all students at any point during the school day.








    A  Total Points system of grading is used in this class.  Each assignment, project, quiz, etc., is worth a certain number of points.  The points the students earn are recorded in the electronic grading program.  At the end of the marking period, the students’ quarter grade will be determined by dividing the total number of possible points into the total number of points earned by each student.  Because the teachers at Great Valley use an electronic grading program, students and parents have the ability at any time to know what his or her current average is.  There will generally be no homework given for this course (although students may be required to bring in pictures and or other materials to use for various projects).




    Class Participation


    Students are required to participate in all classroom discussions as well as classroom projects demonstrating the various units of study.



    Course Performance Criteria


    • Class participation
    • Self-Checks
    • Activities
    • Case studies for creative and critical thinking
    • Reviews / Assessments