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  • Isolation: The New Drug of Choice
    Dr. Caroline Fenkel, LCSW, will talk with parents about how we can encourage young people to stop isolating. The effects of isolation on mental health are overwhelmingly negative. Research shows that chronic loneliness results in less restful and restorative sleep, more alcohol and drug use, increased stress, greater risk and suicide, and a decrease in positive outlook. This presentation will address the causes of chronic isolation and will guide parents in ways they can help their teens to break the isolation cycle.

    Kids & Stress
    Designed for parents whose children are in Kindergarten through eighth grade, this interactive presentation will address the stress seen in young children and adolescents. This event will discuss ways that families and educators can foster resiliency and guide young people toward healthy ways to cope with stress, rather than experimenting with substances, or engaging in risk-taking behaviors.

    Box Out Bullying 
    Bullying does not stop when students leave school grounds. It is important that the entire school community help create a safe environment for children. That includes parents. This nationally-acclaimed Anti-Bullying Parent Workshop is designed to give parents practical tools and useful skills to identify bullying, teach how to properly work with faculty members, and emphasize the importance of teaching children about respect. 



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