• Music Technology -- Music Elective

    This course is designed to expose students to the basics of music technology. Computer music formats, electronic instruments, music notation, recording technology and techniques, and film music are among the topics that will be addressed. Students will have hands-on experience working with the computer programs GarageBand, Noteflight, and Audacity.  If time allows we will explore iMovie. In addition this course will cover non-music aspects of the music business world including marketing, advertising, and production.


    Unit 1: GarageBand, Loops, and Song Form

    Unit 2: GarageBand – Mixing and Remixing

    Unit 3: Drum Sequences and Audio Sample

    Unit 4: Podcasting and Audio Recording

    Unit 5: Soundtrack / Film Music

    Unit 6: Record Your Own Song

    Unit 7: Careers in Music Technology


    Audio Sampling Article