Mathematics Resources by Subject Area


    Math Clip Art


    For IPad users the school code is: mvmd/r8fz

    Kids NumbersA fun long division review game


    Fractions and Decimals

    Learning Planet - Review for making equivalent fractions.

    Fraction Fun -  This site helps you children work with fractional parts and equivalent fractions.


    Shape Space - Polygon Sort!

    Shape Sort - Review shapes by creating inventions.

    3D Shapes - This site reviews 3D shapes by sending you on a search and find.  See how accurate you can be.

    Review Shapes in 2D and 3D - This site will help you review 2D and 3D shapes.

    Crickweb - This site gives you a chance to sort polygons.

    Math Playground - Quick matching game to review polygons.

    Geometry Manipulatives - Work with geometric shapes.

    Tangram Puzzles - Tangram puzzles that work on spatial skills. Slide, turn, and flip polygons.



    Shape of the Data - This site has links to different interactive website that permit your child to create graphs and manipulate data.


    Math Measurement - This website provides review for measurement.

    Weight and Capacity  This site introduces the concepts of weight and capacity.

    Interactive U.S. Capacity  Fill and pour for U.S. capacity.

    Measurement Jeopardy - A review of measurement via a Jeopardy game.

    Time for Time - This site has an interactive clock to work on time with your children.
    Change Maker - This fun websitehelps you practice how to make change.   


    Multiplication Baseball - Play baseball while practicing your multiplication facts.

    Multiplication Games - A great site that helps kids practice multiplication while playing games.

    Place Value

    Place Value Math - This site can help children develop skills related to place value in math. Java is a requirement.

    Game Aquarium - Place value games galore! Review and practice understanding the value of numbers.

    Practice Place Value - The goal of the Place Value Game is to create the largest possible number from the digits the computer gives you. Unfortunately, the computer will give you each digit one at a time and you won't know what the next number will be. You are not allowed to rearrange any of the digits you have already placed, so think carefully before you lock a number in place! Good luck!


    Fish Tank - Find the probability of choosing a certain color of fish.  

    Counting Cards - Find the probability of choosing specific playing cards. 

    Coin Toss - Find the probability of choosing heads or tails when you toss a coin.

    Probability Practice - Practice finding how likely or unlikely an event is to happen.

    Object Pull - Pull objects out of the bag and determine the likelihood of an event happening.

    Probability Circus - Determine the probability of landing on a certain color.
    Time Review Games - This website allows you to play lots of different time games. 


    Pearson Successnet - Remember to log in with your student identification number as user name and password is success1

    Measurement - Interactive list of websites to review measurement skills.

    A+ Math - This site can help your child master the basic facts. Try some of the online timed tests!

    Math Games - This site has a wonderful collection of interactive math games.

    Cool Math for Kids - This is a great site if you want to challenge your child in math. It is jam packed with mathematical brain teasers.

    Virtual Manipulatives - A treasure trove of virtual manipulatives for mathematical thinking.

    Fun Brain -Fun games to review math concepts and stress fact fluency.