• The academic achievement grade (A,B,C, D or E) will be based on formative assessments (graded homework, class work, projects, labs, quizzes) and summative assessments. The academic grade will be determined according to the following weighted categories: Tests/quizzes (60%) and labs/activities (40%).

    Tests/Quizzes: 60% of grade

    • When content for a unit is completed, there will be a choice between a traditional quiz (with a retake option) OR a performance task (no retake option).
      • Traditional Quiz:
        • Quiz A: All students will take. If a student earned an 80% or higher, they do not need to take Quiz B, and will do enrichment while the rest of the class prepares for and takes Quiz B.
        • Quiz B: Students who did not earn an 80% or higher on Quiz A will take Quiz B after they have reviewed the content from the unit and questions from Quiz A.
        • All students have the option to take Quiz B. If a student takes Quiz B, that grade is the grade will be entered into skyward regardless of the grade on Quiz A.
      • Performance Task:
        • The rubric and task will be provided the day before.
        • This task will assess the same content as the traditional quiz but will allow the student to demonstrate his/her understanding in a different modality.

    Labs/Activities: 40% of Grade

    • Classwork, projects, notebook checks, and labs
    • These assignments can redone if needed.

    QL Grades and Absences: Unsatisfactory (U), Needs Improvement (NI), Satisfactory (S), or Commendable (COM)

    • The Qualities of a Learner Grade (QL) will be based on coming to class prepared, homework and class work completion, participation, effort and meeting deadlines. Please refer to the rubric in the student handbook for more information.
    • If 3 or more assignments are missed in a marking period, the QL grade will be lowered.