• “I Don’t Wanna Practice!”


    The honeymoon has to end sometime.  After the initial thrill of starting an instrument is over, every child realizes that practice is work.  This is a natural part of the learning curve.  Don’t worry.  We can get through this.

     Suggestions for dealing with the “I don’t wanna practice” syndrome


    1. Set attainable weekly goals for total practice minutes.  Maybe even sign a contract!

    2. Remind them of the responsibility and the commitment that they made to practice their instrument.

    3. Remind them of how much fun it was when they were practicing.  Playing an instrument is always more fun when you are prepared.

    4. Accept an occasional bad week.  We all have them.  Simply encourage them to set a higher goal for themselves next week.

    5. If all else fails (or even if it doesn’t) call or e-mail us at school.  We will be glad to offer any suggestions!


    Sometimes that “Q” word comes up.  That’s right - sometimes they just want to quit.  Don’t panic.  These cases are best handled on an individual basis.  Please contact us— we will be more than happy to help you out of this situation.