•  Expectations
    Our most important expectation is that each child does his/her best.  That’s it.  As long as a student is trying to do the best job they can, we will be happy.

    However, we do have a few smaller expectations...


    1. In order to attend his/her lesson, each child must bring four things with them: their instrument, their book, a pencil, and themselves.  If three of these four things are not present, (we’ll let you slide on the pencil) it is very difficult to learn to play anything!

    2. The students are responsible for their own lesson time.  Children will receive a copy of their schedule.  In addition, there will be a copy of the schedule outside the instructor’s room and in your child’s classroom. 

    3. We expect that each student will treat not only themselves and us with respect but their classmates as well.  We do our best to take a “team work” approach to this experience.