• NJHS Service Hours

    The Great Valley Middle School Ed Off Memorial Chapter of the NJHS will be waiving the strict 10 hours of service per semester required while we are virtual. We will revisit and prorate should we return to school at any time. Each NJHS member may keep track of any Service Hours he or she is doing while at home by using our service hours log.  The Officers will continue to generate activities that will count towards your service hours if you choose to be involved in any of the planning committees. 

    These service hours may be filled by participating in Community Service or Volunteer Opportunities both in school and in the community.  These same hours may be counted for the Presidential Service Awards many students apply for at the end of the school year and the log will be refered to when students request a signature from the advisors.  Please do not hesitate to see one of the advisors if you have a suggestion or question regarding how to best get involved with a service project.

    Some examples (but not limited to) of community service that take place in our school setting:

    Student Council Representative

    Student Council Officer

    Best Buddies Partipant

    NJHS Tutor (as assigned)

    NJHS Committee Member for various activities

    Back to School Night Guide

    NJHS representative to the school board 

    Baby sitting during conferences

    5th Grade Parent Night Guide


    Some examples (but not limited to) of community service that take place in our community:

    Girl Scout service projects

    Boy Scout service projects

    Church/Synagogue/Temple/Mosque Youth Group service projects

    Volunteering with your family at a food pantry or soup kitchen

    Baby sitting for church/synagogue/temple/mosque services

    Volunteering at local library