• The Instrumental Student Council is a group of talented, dedicated, and forward-thinking students that are committed to growing the High School Music Department.  These students voluntarily take on extra responsibilities to help with concert and rehearsal logistics, increasing membership numbers, advocacy and community outreach, among many other tasks that increase the success and impact of over ten instrumental ensembles that perform at Great Valley High School.


    2021 - 2022 Band Positions


    President: Logan Madden

    Vice President: Akil Pillai

    Secretary: Ella Koup

    Librarians: David Ruccius

    Historian: Aditya Bhosale

    Public Relations Officer: Nikhil Gokhale


    2021 - 2022 Orchestra Positions

    President: Maya Leibowitz

    Vice President: Justin Titus

    Secretary: Drake Vitale

    Librarians: Phillip Zhang, Eric Han

    Historians: Varunavi Raghuraman, Owen Li

    Public Relations Officer: Sadie Jackson