YouthTruth Survey Data

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    The Great Valley School District partners annually with national nonprofit YouthTruth to survey staff, students and families. The surveys gathered feedback and perceptions from each group about a variety of factors that contribute to the school environment and culture. Students, staff, and families are now surveyed each fall.

    The District administers the YouthTruth surveys annually to assess and understand stakeholder’s perceptions of school climate and culture, and to use data to influence decision-making. Principals review individual school data with staff and use that data to inform goal setting and decision-making for the following school year. YouthTruth data is also used to inform district-wide initiatives related to student support and culture and belonging, and to guide professional development. For more detailed information about each survey's results, please use the links to the left.

    To see the questions included on the 2021 Student Survey, please click here