• kdm coyote choir

    KDM Coyote Choir FAQ’s

    What is Choir? Choir is a vocal ensemble open to all interested KDM students who will be in 4th or 5th grade in the 20-21 school year.  Our choir will be made up of leaders who love to sing and share music with others.  In choir, students will develop their singing voices and ability to read choral music while preparing repertoire for performances held throughout the school year.

    Does Choir conflict with band, orchestra, 5th grade musical, etc? Nope!  Offering choir provides another opportunity for students who love to sing and perform.  You can still choose to be a part of all of the activities you are interested in trying AND be part of choir. 

    Where can I find information about rehearsals and performances?   My teacher website will have all of the rehearsal and performance information available for you to reference as needed throughout the year.  I will communicate through Skyward email with reminders and performance information as needed. 

    Is there an activity fee?   There is no activity fee.  I am volunteering my time to provide choir as an additional opportunity for our KDM students.  I believe it is an important ensemble for our elementary students to have the opportunity to experience.

    What does a Monday morning rehearsal look like and what do I do?   Each Monday morning your families will bring you to KDM, you will put your backpack and coat in the music hallway, you will come to the music room and be ready to sing by 7:40am.   We will do warm ups, sing and have some fun from 7:40-8:40AM.  At 8:40AM, I will dismiss you to the hallway to get your bags and you will head down to your classroom to start the day.

    What if there is “no school” on a Monday?   In the event of “no school” on a Monday, we will have rehearsal on the Friday morning that week instead.  If it snows on both Monday and Friday of the same week and we don’t end up having school both of those days, well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there!

    But wait, I still have a questions!   Please feel free to contact me at pseaton@gvsd.org and I am happy to answer any questions you have.