• Welcome to our Sugartown reading page. Please note that information will be shared throughout the year. Here are a few tips of things you can do with your child each evening to grow their reading potential!

  • Finding a Just Right Book is an important part of growing our reading skills and lives. Please find a list of some strategies below to help determine, if your child is reading a Just Right Book.


    Brainwok- before going to the classroom library think about...

    * A topic I am interested in

    * A familiar author

    * A series I'd like to read


    Preview- get your mind ready to discover what you will learn in the book...

    * Read the Title and Summary (located on the back of the book or on the inside bookjacket)

    * Look at illustrations and text features (if it is a non fiction book)

    * Read the table of contents


    Try It- Check to see how it feels as you are reading it- easy, just right or challenging

    * Read some of the first few pages quietly (aloud)

    * Close the book and retell the major plot components


    Decide- Is this book a "just right" fit?

    * Did I read at a steady pace?

    * Did it sound smooth (3-4 word chunks)?

    * Were there a few challenging words (0-5) that I was able to discover and uncover?

    * Did I understand the major plot elements?


    You may have just discovered a new JUST RIGHT book!