• Full CPR and AED Training

    What: Instruction and certification for full, CPR and AED training. Attendees will receive instruction on how to provide CPR (ventilation and compression) to infant, children and adults. Attendees will also be able to clear the airway from a victim who is choking as well as initiate the use of an Automated External Defibrilator (AED). 

    PLEASE NOTE: Many details such as time and cost need to be confirmed with the instruction provider, Chester County Emergency Services Department. However, the date of May 31st has been confirmed. Therefore, tentatively this is the information for the event:

    When: Friday, May 31st with two options:

    1. Students will attend an early session from 7:50-11:15 (Pds 1-4)

    2. Students will attend a later session from 10:28 - 2:29 (Pd 4 - end of day)

     Where: Great Valley High School, Auditorium


    Yes, there may be a small fee to enroll in this class. This fee covers the cost of the instructor fee and materials for certification card. As the fee is determined by the number of participants, this number is not yet decided. Most likely is will be a very small amount. 



    Once you have registered, please check your email for communication from Mr. Kasper on how to select your session and possible cost of the training. If, after receiving clarity on cost and timing you wish to cancel your attendance, please email Mr. Kasper. 


    Thank you for your interest in learning how to save a life!