• Control & Manipulation of Information

    in The Handmaid's Tale

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    • Check out this video for info on the psychology that contributes to spread of mis/dis-information

    What are Deepfakes?

    • This short video concisely and clearly explains what a "deepfake" is and why they might cause issues with spreading mis/dis-information in upcoming elections.
    • Pair the video with this website where you can try to tell the difference between a deepfake and a real video.


    Something to consider:

    The manipulative & deceptive techniques used in propaganda can and does often prompt, or at least contribute to, real world acts of violence.

    Modern Alt-right and White Supremacist propaganda often occur in meme format & often originate on image boards such as 4chan, 8chan, & gab where radicalized fringe groups congregate. Radicalized people spend a lot of time on these image boards where they learn about how to use propaganda techniques, and how to manipulate human psychological tendencies to manipulate & deceive, and to spread their radicalized ideologies. This trend is frequently leading to outbreaks of real world violence & terrorism.  The offenders, and alleged offenders, of the following real world violence & terrorist attacks ALL had a connection to social media pages where these alt-right & White Supremacist propaganda messages are being shared.

    • Pizzagate –2016
      • False rumors spread from Reddit to 4chan and then to mainstream Twitter​ suggesting (falsely) a child sex ring existed in a pizza place with financial connections to Clinton. Rumors spread to mainstream news, one man believed them and shot an automatic rifle into the pizza place. No fatalities.
    • Pipe Bomb mailing attacks - Oct 2018
      • The suspect in the pipe bomb mailing campaign had a history of posting hateful and violent messages on Facebook and Twitter that were laced with misinformation and conspiracy theories such as the ones frequently created on image boards like 4chan, 8chan, and gab.
    • Pittsburgh synagogue terrorist attack - Oct 2018
      • alleged perpetrator posted regularly to gab (anti-Semitic and xenophobic posts). He alluded to the imminent attack on Gab.​
    • New Zealand Mosque Attacks - Mar 2019
      • The attack was teased on Twitter, announced on the online message board 8chan and broadcast live on Facebook. ​
      • References many white supremacist, alt-right memes and catchphrases including a reference to Pittsburgh Synagogue terrorist.
    • San Diego area Synagogue shooting - April 2019 -
      • 19 year old suspect posted about his intentions on 8chan before committing his attack. He had also left his designs on 8chan, in an anti-Semitic screed that cited the Christchurch and Pittsburgh synagogue shootings as motivations. He had intended to stream his attack but the stream does not appear to have worked.

    Read more in the article The Meme Terrorists: Violence in synagogues and mosques is kindling for a larger inferno of distrust online.

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    Day 1: Presentation

    Day 1: Types of Propaganda

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    Day 1: Color Theory


    Day 1: Symbols in Propaganda


    Day 1: Examples




    Day 2

    Nearpod activity:

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    • Type in the code: FYTAR
    • Type in your real first name and last initial


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    Create your own Gilead Propaganda graphic activity:

    • Go to adobe spark
    • click the "+" sign at top center of page
    • click "start from scratch" and "graphic" from top right of page
    • click "start from scratch" at center top of page
    • choose "square"
    • click "next"
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    Create your graphic. It must have:

    • handmaids tale quote
    • a deeper propaganda message
    • symbols that support your message
    • color choices that support your message
    • optional addition: You can add additional slogans or phrases is they help support your hidden message!