• Below you can find a couple sources of information on Socialism, Communism, and different economic systems.

    Some articles to help clarify things:

     This source covers the differences between capitalism, socialism, and democratic socialism in a readable manner.

    Wikipedia actually outlines the different Socialist Ideaologies very well:

    This peer-reviewed article also explains it in-depth.

    Why is China called "communist?" Is it actually socialist?

    This article explains it very well, including:

    "Asian countries that implemented communism in the 20th century include Russia (as the Soviet Union), ChinaVietnamCambodia, and North Korea. In every case, communist dictators rose to power to enforce the reordering of the political and economic structure. Today, Russia and Cambodia are no longer communist, China and Vietnam are politically communist but economically capitalist, and North Korea continues to practice communism."

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