How the Safe2Say Program Works

  • Step 1
    Submit an anonymous tip

    • Call the tipline: 1-844-SAF2SAY
    • Use the Website:  
    • Use the mobile App available fro Apple and Android devices

    Step 2
    All calls and tips received by the 24/7 crisis center

    1 - A crisis center analyst receives and reviews tip information
    2 - The tip is triaged and categorized as either life safety or non-life safety
    3 - The tip is then sent to school officials and  law enforcement (as needed) via text, email, and/or phone call  within seconds

    Step 3
    School officials & law enforcement intervene and help individual(s)

    1 - School officials and law enforcement (as needed) act immediately to investigate, assess, and intervene with reported at-risk individuals
    2 - At-risk individuals receive the help they need BEFORE they ever get to the point of hurting themselves or others
    3 - School officials report their outcomes into the Safe2Say Something platform and close out the tip, ensuring accountability for every tip submitted