• How to evaluate a source

    *** You can see a tutorial for how to evaluate a source below or on youtube.

    Why do I have to evaluate my sources?

    Just like you need to check the expiration date on food before you eat it, you need to check that your informaiton is reputable before you consume it.

    We live in a time where access to information is high, and the creation of information is rapid. That is a great thing! But it also means that we have information coming at us from all directions, all the time. Unfortunately, not all the information available to us is reputable, true, accurate, well researched, confirmed, valid, believable, honest, useful, etc.

    Lucikly, it is not difficult or time consuming to check your sources. It should only take 1-3 minutes per source.

     Click here to download the "Evaluate a Source" graphic organizer.

    Protip! You can use Media Bias Factcheck.com to check your source's evaluation!

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