• How to Filter search results by date or time frame

    Why filter results?

    You may need to find results that were published more recently, or even during a specific year or era.

    • Perhaps you have a current events project that requires your sources be no more than 2 years old.
    • Or perhaps you need primary source documents for research World War I, so you only want sources published during the war years.
    • Or maybe you are doing medical research, and don't want sources that are older than 5 years since medicine changes so quickly.

    How to filter by date on Google.

    1. Just add the date or timeframe (with two periods [..] in between the dates) you want to filter by. So if you were looking to research natural disasters that took place between 2016 & 2017, you would type it like this:




    How to filter results by date on a database.

    Most databases will have the "filter" or "sort by" options on the righthand, lefthand, or top sections of the page. Just type or click to indicate the timeframe you want to narrow your results down to. 

    Examples: Jstor's filter option is on the lefthand side of the page.


    Sirs Issue Researcher has the "sort by' date option on the lefthand side.


    And Gale databases have the "sort by" option on the top area of the page.