VR Headset

What Are Google Expeditions?

  • Google Expeditions allow teachers to create an immersive learning experience for their students using virtual reality. Students can travel to different locations around the globe, both past and present, explore the natural world, the arts, and much more. They can be used to help students explore environments that otherwise may not be accessible.

    Thanks to funding from a Foundation Grant, the district office kit comes with:

    • A classroom set of 30 Google Expedition goggles for your students to experience one of the 900 Virtual Reality Expeditions that have already been created by Google
    • A teacher tablet to download and run Expeditions
    • And, a router to connect the tablet to the 30 VR headsets

How Do Google Expeditions Work?

How Do I Find Expeditions To Use in My Instruction?

    • Download the Google Expeditions app on your iPad to search by topic and view expeditions (*note: this app requires you to sign in with a Google account)
      • While planning, please keep in mind that many Google Expeditions have several scenes. In one lesson, you may want to use one or two scenes from more than one Expedition
    • Search Google’s spreadsheet with a list of the 900 Virtual Reality Expeditions available for use

How Do I Request To Use the Google Expeditions from the Instructional Technology Lending Library?

  • The Instructional Technology Department will offer two methods for teachers to request for their students to use the Google Expeditions.

    • First, you can request to have Tracy or Kathy bring the Google Expeditions into your classroom using the Google Expeditions Request Form. We’ve created a shared calendar to show when the Google Expeditions have been reserved. Please keep in mind that reservations are also dependent upon staff availability.
    • Alternatively, Tracy and Kathy will be scheduling days to bring the Google Expeditions to a central location at each school. Teachers can then sign up to bring their students to that location to use the Google Expeditions for 30-minute time slots.

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