• Groups have been created for the purpose of establishing a rotation for which team members will not participate in a game.

    Groups are as follows:

    Group 1:

    Charlotte, Grace, Mikenna, and Peyton

    Group 2:

    Gia, Kelly, Megan, and Nicole/India

    Group 3:

    Erica, Laura, Mia, and Sophia

    Group 4:

    Kaitlyn, Lauren, Noelle, Taia

    One group will not be playing in each game.  The group that will not be playing will be noted with their group number in the bottom right hand corner of the season calendar.  Team members who are not playing are still required to attend but do not need to be in uniform.  In the event of a cancelled game, the group scheduled not to play in the cancelled game will sit out the next game played and the rotation sequence will remain unchanged.  Any questions, please feel free to email.

    Coach Weiner