Mrs. Kyler's Homework Expectations

  • All homework will be recorded in assignment book each day- specific time will be given to this.


    • 20 minutes of home reading each night- record on reading log
    • 4-6 post its due each week
    • reader responses due weekly beginning in November

    Spelling/ Word Study

    • Each word study unit will span 2 weeks with a test on Friday (tests will alternate Fridays with wordly wise)
      • Typical homework (all homework completed in spelling journal)
        • Day 1- Introduce words and learn skill
        • Day 2- choice menu/ word sort
        • Day 3- 3 times each
        • Day 4- choice menu/ typed sort
        • Day 5- Blind sort
        • Day 6- glue words sorted into notebook & study
        • Day 7- test

    Time in Core Extension & Writing will be given to complete homework.  If not completed during that time, it becomes homework

    Wordly Wise

    • Each Wordly Wise unit will span 2 weeks.  Students will be given time in class to complete activities and study.  Additional study time should occur at home.
    • Tests given every other Friday (alternating with word study test)


    • Nightly homework will begin on September 17th
      • Homework will be in math journal or worksheet format. Specific assignment will be listed on board each day

    Science/ Social Studies

    • Occasional homework and studying for tests/ quizzes
    • Expect 1 project each marking period for both Science and Social Studies


    Forgotten homework = missing slip to be signed and returned by parent

    Homework is to be brought in next day or loss of recess time