5th Grade Math Curriculum

  • Unit 1:  Number Sense and Operations

    Unit 2: Fractions

    Unit 3: Decimals

    Unit 4: Geometry and Measurement

    Unit 5: Graphing and Data Analysis


    Math man


    Math in Focus- Program Goals

    • Children are taught with the philosophy that math is thinking.  Concepts are presented from concrete- pictoral- abstract.  (Singapore math philosophy)
    • PA common core standards guide instruction- encourage problem solving, communication and cooperative learning.
      • students build a strong foundation in the basic skills, a deep understanding of number sense, and enhanced problem solving skills.
    • The Singapore math approach asks students to draw a diagram of the concepts they are working on.  They learn to ouse model drawing to solve and better understand word problems- develop a strong understanding of why a solution works and be able to communicate that information.
      • Students are taught concepts to mastery and greater depth.