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    2018 National Honor Society Application Information

    Thank you for your interest in applying to the National Honor Society at Great Valley High School! 

    2018 NHS Application Link

    2018 NHS Application Presentation 


    A few suggestions for filling out the application:

    1. Use this week to start your application, and revise after attending the meeting on Friday, September 21. 

    2. Type all responses in a word document to save and make sure that your spelling and grammar is correct. Then copy into the form when you are ready to submit. 

    3. Be honest! Any false information will disqualify you from consideration. 

    4. Descriptions of service and leadership should be succint, but informative. Pretend you only have a few minutes to describe an activity to someone who knows nothing about it. 


    Requirements to Apply:

    Current Junior or Seniors:

    • Scholarship: A GPA of 3.5 or greater (this can be found on Naviance)
    • Character: A clean discipline record
    • Service: Participation in community service activities, either through the school or community organizations
    • Leadership: A record of taking initiative and guiding others

    Application Timeline:

    • Friday, September 14: At 3 pm, the application link will be open and students can begin to apply. Please note that the application does not save your work; we encourage you to review the questions and type and save your responses in a word document until you are ready to submit. 
    • Friday, September 21: Formal meeting after school (2:30) in the Auditorium to review the application process.
    • Monday, September 24: Informal meeting before school (7:15) in the Audion for students who were unable to attend the Friday meeting. 
    • Sunday, September 30 at Midnight: Applications close. 


    Please note that Dr. Burgmayer (room 113, Pburgmayer@gvsd.org) and Mrs. Valliere (room 83, Kvalliere@gvsd.org) are available to answer questions about the application process and eligibilty at any point during the application window.