• Classroom Expectations for a Positive Learning Environment

    Be responsible ~ accountable, taking ownership of your thoughts, words, and actions

           Be on time – in your seat ready to go. 

     Bring the following with you to class each day:

    • charged iPad
    • pencil/pen
    • homework
    • notebook (if planning to use hard copies of materials)

     Absences/Missed work

    • Check Canvas AND see your teacher about making up your missed work when you return to school. 

      Be Respectful ~ Be tolerant and accepting of differences, show that you value other people's perspectives, time and space

    • Be positive towards everyone in the class. 
    • Listen to peers/teachers when they are talking (that means you shouldn’t be talking)

      Be an active learner ~ characterized by energetic work, participation, making a consistent effort, putting forth a 100% each day

    •   Make an effort to try your best each day
    •   Participate in class
    •   Ask questions when you do not understand or need clarification
    •   Learning is not a spectator sport


    If you need to get in touch with your teacher outside of school.

    Miss Amodei - eamodei@gvsd.org

    Mrs. Kratzer – skratzer@gvsd.org

    Ms. Mack – lmack@gvsd.org