• Update

    AUGUST 2018


    The School Board approved a number of contracts:

    • 2018-2019 Marketplace Contract Agreement
    • Agreement with DocuXcel Facilities
    • Valbridge Appraisal Contract
    • Additional Commercial Parcels to be Appealed
    • Revised Contract with InSight for PCA's
    • Revised Contract with CCRES
    • SOS Group Addendum
    • Change Order
    • GVCO Extension of Settlement Date
    • Renewal of Frontline Technologies
    • Medical Services Agreement
    • Renewal of Health Advocate Solutions
    • Agreement for Nursing Professional Services with The Justicorp Company
    • Contract with Brandywine Virtual Academy
    • Approved Private School Agreements
    • Special Education Settlement Agreements
    • MOU with MCCC for Dual Enrollment Program
    • Student Assistance Program Agreement with Caron Treatment Centers
    • Contract with Partnering for Academic Excellence
    • Professional Development Training Agreement with Charter Courses
    • Contract with Typing Agent
    • Seesaw Contract
    • Participation in Cooperative Purchasing Agreement
    • Stecher Adventures for Middle School


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