Great Valley Safety Council

  • The mission of the Great Valley Safety Council (GVSC) is to provide a forum for Great Valley School District stakeholders to identify, discuss, and offer considered points of view about school safety issues.  These issues may include, but not be limited to, pre-event planning and risk reduction; incident response actions, and post-incident recovery tasks.

    The GVSC is composed of parents, teachers, administrators, and community responders who apply to serve on the Council for a three-year term. Each Great Valley school building is represented by a parent and a staff member.  One secondary administrator and two elementary administrators represent building leadership.  There are representatives from primary response law enforcement agencies and fire/EMS groups assigned to Great Valley schools. The Great Valley Board of Directors will send a member, and three District Office staff members, representing mental health, school safety, and public information will participate.   In order to promote efficient and productive work, the Council will be limited to a maximum of 30 total members. Council members who are absent for more than two meetings per year may be replaced.

    Parents and teachers interested in serving on the GVSC complete an application and are selected based on experience, a rationale for serving on the Council, and in consideration of geographic and school level balance.  Great Valley administrative and District Office staff are appointed by the superintendent, who is an ex-officio member of the council. Meetings will be facilitated by the Great Valley Director of School Safety.

    The GVSC is scheduled to meet three times during each school year. Additional meetings may be called in response to specific needs, including at the request of the superintendent. Minutes of each meeting, including safety discussion points, will be maintained and provided to the superintendent and the Great Valley Board of School Directors.