• 8th Grade Math Practice Opportunities/Homework 2018 – 2019

    Math practice opportunities will be given each instructional day to allow the student to master the material prior to assessment. In conjunction with the district policy on homework and the current research explored through teacher professional development the 8th grade math classes will not have a daily homework grade in Skyward. The students will be encouraged to practice the math problems needed in a time and at a level each feels will best enhance mastery and prepare for any quizzes and/or tests. Assignments will continue to be posted on the homework calendars for each course and in each of the math classrooms. All questions about homework will be answered in class or a student could choose to see his/her teacher during period 8 or before or after school for a more in depth review of questions/material.

    To assist the student with managing his or her practice time the teachers of each course will utilize formative assessments in the classroom periodically to give the student feedback on his or her mastery. Also, the teachers will be providing student self-reflection in the form of a survey that the students will be asked to complete at various times during each marking period.

    We, the 8th grade teachers feel that this approach will:

    ~Allow for respecting time of a student outside of school.

    ~Allow for the student to learn to manage preparing for assessments.

    ~Allow for each student to individualize his/her time spent to master the material.

    For students and parents interested in exploring the research that was shared during the teacher professional development please refer to the following texts.

    The Teenage Brain, Frances E. Jensen, MD             Mathematical Mindsets, Jo Boaler


    Please complete each the following Math Practice Reflection surveys at the appropriate time (a reminder will be on the HW calendar)

    Sept 17 to Sept 21

    Sept 24 to Sept 28

    Oct 1 to Oct 5

    Oct 8 to Oct 12

    Oct 15 to Oct 19

    Oct 22 to Oct 26

    Oct 29 to Nov 2

    Nov 5 to Nov 9

    Marking Period 2

    Nov 12 to Nov 16

    Nov 26 - 30

    Dec 3 - 7

    Dec 10 - 14

    Dec 17 - 21

    Jan 7 - 11

    Jan 14 - 18

    Jan 21 - 25

    Marking Period 3

    Feb 4 - 8

    Feb 11 - 14

    Feb 19 - 22

    Feb 25 - Mar 1

    Mar 4 - 8

    Mar 11 - 14

    Mar 18 - 22

    Mar 25 - 29

    Apr 1 - 5

    Apr 8 - 12

    Spring Break followed by PSSAs