• The Academic Letter Grade will be determined according to the following weighted categories:

    •  Tests/Quizzes:                                        65%
    •  Labs/Activities/Classwork/Homework        35%

    Qualities of a Learner Grade will be determined according to learning behaviors as described in the GVMS Qualities of Learner Rubric in the student handbook.

    Grading Questions

    Late Assignments ~

    Assignments are expected to be completed and handed in on the due date.

    For graded assignments, the grade will drop 10% for each school day it is missing.
    All work should be submitted before the conclusion of the unit.

     Retakes ~

    There are no retakes on graded assignments. However, the student is encouraged to see their classroom teacher for opportunities to review the information.

    Extra Credit ~

    There is no extra credit.  Multiple opportunities throughout the marking period encourage students to self-monitor learning of concepts and improve grades.